Saturday, January 30, 2010

Too hot to handle

I heard a certain farming community in Australia have annual chilli growing competitions. One of the contests was to determine who can come out with the hottest chilli in the state.

A Malaysian wife of an Australian friend heard about the competition and was curious enough to want to know how hot were the chillies they could cultivate. She was sceptical because she thought the teeny-weeny dynamite chilli padi from home was supposed to be the hottest thing this side of the globe and nothing can beat its kick.

The hubby was quietly amused but he managed to grab a handful of the best samples after the competition was over and gave them to the wife. "Here honey, try these and let's hear your verdict."

The wife, following her favorite rice cooking method from home decided to throw some of the chillis into the pot of rice she was cooking.

The result: She had to throw away the whole pot of rice. Nobody in the family could eat it. It was too hot.

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