Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't get ulcers! Give them!

Everyone reacts differently to pressure or stress at the workplace, public place, home or life at large. Wherever there are 'other people' there will be stress. Taking the workplace as a typical example, it was found that 75% of problems originates from people.

Some take it out on their colleagues, subordinates, friends or mates. Whether their outbursts are justified or not, they don't really care. They just have to chew up someone who happens to get in the way. All they want is to let off some of the steam.

Some blindly pick on the wrong victim and get bashed in return. That's how law enforcers and doctors get more work, lawyers get clients and judges get to sit and decide who's right or wrong and who should pay whom and how much. If they happen to be in Who's Who lists, reporters get some scoops to fill up their newspapers or magazines.

Others carry the whole thing on their own shoulders. They get blood pressure or ulcers. That gives doctors more business. Some take it home and lash out blindly at whoever get in their way, as in wives, siblings, parents, or children. Some who have no families simply go home and kick their dogs.

For those with none of the above, they go to the gym. Or they learn yoga.

Many young executives I heard, went and got involved in some pill-popping or head-shaking parties. I think that's more self-destructive than helpful. The less harmful thing to do is pour yourself a drink, swallow it and go to bed.

Seldom would anyone, especially in the retail business, take it out on the customer. That would be business hara-kiri. But some do. And they close shop and go do something else, or they wise up and learn which side to butter their bread on. There goes their poor dogs or cats or whatever. The poor critters will be the ones getting bootprints on their behinds.

Others with more knowledge or experience and have better control over their senses and coordination of their brain power, aim their pressure in the proper directions. Employees or colleagues who get caught on the wrong foot often get the best of these fireworks. That probably gave them the label of being dominant characters in management. You can't fault them for that because in the corporate world you either take charge or other more dominant characters will eat you for breakfast. Like the one who said, 'No, I don't get ulcers! I give them away!'

If you get two such characters within the same organization, then you should sit back and watch the fireworks. But such conditions usually don't last long. As they say, 'two tigers cannot stay on the same mountain'.

Meanwhile, they also say, if the heat gets too much for you, stay out of the kitchen. Go find yourself a quiet place and meditate. As in a monastery or temple. Sorry, all private caves are taken.


  1. 75% of problems originates from people. How about the other 25%?

  2. 25% comes from materials, machines & methods.