Monday, January 11, 2010

Suspicious Dinner

This one could be great for a page filler for Reader's Digest or the 'All in a day's work' column.

I was standing in for my relative's office clerk for a couple of days. Part of the routine was taking phone calls and collecting faxes from the office fax machine and reporting back to my relative if any urgent messages are received. It was a boring job if not for one message that came in today. It's probably one of those things that spell-checkers can't help but give you the 'benefit' of the doubt...


  1. *Sigh* corporations nowadays don't pay any attention to spellings anymore, thanks to several decades of education policies under Team Blue government.

  2. team blue tries all tricks to keep everyone stupid enough to keep voting them... that's the problem.

    thanks for dropping by, fishtail.