Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of the seven deadly sins is giving in to greed.

Once you start taking what you don't earn from an honest day's work or a legitimate deal, you get deeper into it. And it's habit forming too.

Unfortunately there are many nowadays who have no qualms about doing it. Even those in public service. And in certain occupations there's hardly even a choice to stay clean. When you're in that kind of thing it's difficult to get out. There's no turning back. They won't let you because you could squeal and give them away. So they string you along with extra perks.

In the end it's like having sold yourself. You're a slave to graft. It becomes a way of life. You keep doing it and you become pretty slick. You start to believe you're pretty smart. You cover your tracks well.

But one day you make a slip. You think your so-called friends are covering your flanks for you. You overlook some small detail. But your friends think you're losing it. You're getting too fat for your own good. You let your guard down.

For you, they decide it's over. You've become an excess baggage. A liability. The public outcry is too loud. Citizens are outraged. The carpet's too small to cover your dirt. They volunteer you as the sacrificial lamb.

They let you walk into that trap...


  1. My brother and me were discussing how to make a good storyline for stories and we concluded that obstacles in life as seen here by one of the deadly sins make live more challenging and interesting for without them the story would become dull and boring. But, yeah it can be tough if things don't go your way!

  2. True. No bad guys, no bad luck, no enemies, no challenges, no story....

  3. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between greed and necessity...

  4. for some perhaps it started out as a necessity.