Saturday, October 14, 2006

If only


If only transport vehicle drivers would clean up

Their trucks before leaving worksites


If only people do their share of the work

Keep their share of the responsibility

To safeguard public amenities

Instead of just looking after their bottom lines


If only untainted officials would do their jobs

And without fear or favor enforce the rule

Of cleanliness or overloading


If only builders of roads comply

With specifications that withstand usage


If only we live in an ideal world

Where everyone does his part

To maintain the environment

And stop wastage of valuable assets


If only

If only

If only

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Cure for sore-throat.

I tried to plant some in my garden some years ago by throwing some seeds around.  Nothing happened.  Then I managed to get one seedling and poked it into the ground.  It has been flourishing all over the place since.  Now I have them even in the back lane.

Whenever you feel some itchiness in your throat and it's hot and dry (sure signs of pending sore-throat), just get 5 to 10 leaves, wash them thoroughly, throw them into a cup, boil some water, pour in, cover it for a while until its temperature is down to lukewarm.  Then drink it. 

Caution:  You may scream.  Because it's bitter.  That's why they call it Hempedu Bumi (bile of the earth).  It's an anti-toxin which is good for cleaning out your liver.  It also helps lower blood pressure. 

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Kaffir Lime

Took this shot some years ago.  Didn't know the real name of this lime until today.  Looks like it's in bloom.  We used to call it 'thaiko kam'.  Always love the smell of the leaves.  Use it as a natural deodoriser in the car.  While going through the papers this morning I read about Kaffir Lime, and decided to search Google.  And presto! 

I found this: