Saturday, October 14, 2006

If only


If only transport vehicle drivers would clean up

Their trucks before leaving worksites


If only people do their share of the work

Keep their share of the responsibility

To safeguard public amenities

Instead of just looking after their bottom lines


If only untainted officials would do their jobs

And without fear or favor enforce the rule

Of cleanliness or overloading


If only builders of roads comply

With specifications that withstand usage


If only we live in an ideal world

Where everyone does his part

To maintain the environment

And stop wastage of valuable assets


If only

If only

If only


  1. this is a serious problem everywhere in the planet. It seems that people hates the place they live.

  2. What a waste... valuable water just flow to the drain.....somebody have to put a stop to this problem.

  3. they just don't care... complaints have been hi-lited in the newpapers multiple times. They just don't give a damn...Then they wanted to start a water conservation campaign!!!! They must have got so much shit from the public, they just went back to sleep...

  4. erm, not related to this post but Tiang Garu? pole scratch?

  5. "scratching post" translated. hahaha

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    A scratching post is a wooden post covered in softer material that cat owners provide so their pets have an acceptable place to scratch. Cats have a natural urge to scratch: the action helps them remove old material from their claws, and they mark territory with scent glands in their paws. Indoor cats may be prevented from exercising this urge on furniture if they are provided with an acceptable scratching post

    My idea of a scratching post:
    Your great grandma used to scratch her back against a pillar in the old farm-house. They haven't invented those bamboo sticks with curved end shaped like a hand with bent fingers yet....

    The real meaning of my 'tiang garu' means just like what the scratching post is for the cat.... vent the urge to scratch (at some people)

  6. then all the forests will be gone in short while...

  7. No water .. No three... No animal... Next No human on earth...If Only care, me care about it is not enough, we need more people care and hope this situation might change....just hope those "Don't care" attitude people "wake up" from their own world dreaming....

  8. Sometimes it appears to be this reason, by the way they treat the place they live in. They think just because they pass this way only once, they couldn't care less. They seem to have no love for their next generation... much less for themselves.