Monday, November 27, 2006

Why not Donald Duck instead?

My Jakarta colleagues booked a room for me in this hotel.  When I saw this letter on my bed as soon as I threw down my bags, I had a good chuckle.   Mr. Iteh?  They must think I'm Japanese... No matter, they provide great service.  They leave you privately alone when you don't call or tell them there's any problem.  But when I mentioned there was a problem with the mini-bar (it was locked), they had someone waiting at the door when I came back from dinner. 

There was a grand piano at the corner behind the entrance.  Every evening, the pianist would pound on the keys rendering pieces from classics to the latest pop.  One evening, I looked at him when I heard him play one of my favorites.  He caught my eye and beamed me a big smile and I gave him a thumbs up.  Next evening I dropped into a seat in front of the piano as soon as I entered.  After he finished the piece he was playing, he motioned for a request.  I mentioned "Fur Elise" and he did it perfectly (well, at least to me) and continued to do a few more classics.  It was relaxing to say the least.

I love staying in this hotel.  It's connected to a shopping mall where you can get anything you need.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bright ideas - anyone?

We were discussing the menace of the Mat Rempits.  This colleague of mine came up with a brilliant idea to stop or curb their enthusiasm for the one wheeler show-off.  Catch the guy and take off the front wheel and tell him, "Now go home on your one wheel".....


How's that for a solution, huh?