Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How you'd get around in Heaven.

This Heavenly joke came all the way from my school days:

Three men died and went to heaven.  They met St. Peter at the gate.

Peter told them, " You're all gonna get cars up here for transport, but if you were bad you get a crappy car, if you were good you'd get a great car."

And so Peter asked the first guy, " John, did you cheat on your wife while you were alive?"
John said, " No.  Never..."

Peter said, " Your'e lying, we know because it's recorded.  So here's a 69 Volkswagon.  It needs a lot of work."

The next guy Joe stepped forward and Peter asked him, " Did you cheat on your wife Joe?"

Joe replied, " Well yes, I did while we were in high school."

Peter replies, " We know cause it's recorded.  Here's a 1974 Chevy Caprice.  It needs a lot of work."

Finally old Mr. Jones came forward and Peter asked him the same question.  So old Mr Jones replied, " No, as a matter of fact I never even cheated on her in high school."

Peter said, " We know cause it's recorded.  So here's a top of the line Rolls Royce fully loaded.  Congratulations!"

The next day John's car got stuck on the road so he kicked and cussed it.  Then he saw Mr Jones in his Rolls Royce across the road, head banging on the driving wheel crying.  So he went over and asked him, "Why are you crying, Mr Jones?  I should be the one crying cause my crappy old car broke down.  But you should be laughing all over Heaven."

Mr Jones wailed, "I just saw my wife.  She was wheeling by on a skate-board!"