Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ssssnake In The House!!!

It's still a jungle out here I suppose.  Our friendly house seems to be attracting all the wrong company.  There used to be stray cats, musangs, monkeys, bees...  Then there are also snakes.

This morning as soon as I got into the office, wifey called.  She said there's one in the house.  I clearly heard the tremble in her voice.  I quickly locked the office and drove back home.

Probably due to the current hot and dry weather and the depleted patches of greenery around the neighborhood, it was heading for a cooler place to hide during the day.  It just happened to find its way to my front door and slid into the house.  It raised its head and hissed at wifey in between the hallway and dining room, right in front of our bedroom door. 

That was when she called me on the phone.  Then she waited until it tried to snake its way under the screen door into the bedroom.  She then made a dash to the front porch, grabbed hold of a can of Mortein H2O and gave it a huge dose of the spray.  It was stunned for a while, and because of the wet terrazzo it couldn't crawl away.

Then she grabbed a can of acidic floor cleaner from the kitchen and gave it another dousing.  Fearing it may revive and give us the slip, she quickly went to the kitchen, filled a pot with water and heated it up.

By the time I arrived the critter was almost dead but still wriggling around.  I whacked it a few times with a stick just to make sure. I noticed the tell-tale icon on the back of its head; a pair of spectacles.  It was a baby Cobra.  Small, but just like its parents, mean and menacing when confronted. So when wifey came out with the boiling water I turned the thing into a coiled sausage.

Certain intruders are definitely not welcomed.

By the way, this is not a picture of the one that came a visiting.
In my hurry to get home to save a damsel in distress I left my camera in the office.