Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm Back... Again.

Since I left my last full time job (I'm now on a 3-day work week engagement at my friend Jeff's PC shop) I've been back at my drawing board and going around sketch-book in hand.  But today I just feel that I have to do some writing. 

A friend, a design lecturer asked me about my drawing & sketching interests, wanted to know what makes me tick so that he can have an idea on how to motivate his students.  As I started to answer his questions I began to think back to my early years when I was picking up the interest in drawing & sketching.  Then I remembered I used to keep a web-blog and I had written my thoughts about my early 'ambition'.  I dug up one of my old pieces from when I was blogging in which has since closed down.  I managed to transfer my 'rambling notes' to this current blogsite.  

Unfortunately, the transfer could not accommodate photos that accompany the articles.  Hence, all the illustrations went AWOL.

Here's what I wrote