Friday, April 15, 2016

She forgot, but it doesn't matter.

I remember the evening when I was scrolling through my Facebook page.  She came by and saw me reading my birthday greetings.

'Oh, I forgot!'  She exclaimed.

She'd already got all the ingredients to cook me something special.  But she forgot today was the day.

I patted her hand and said, 'It's no big deal.  You've done a lot taking care of me the last few months and helped me deal with the pain.  I'm getting stronger now and I'm happy with my life.'

No, I didn't say exactly those words.  I said far less than that.  But those words came from my heart.  And I was referring to the major painful experience and operation I underwent and the post operation healing process that she bore through with me.

For that I am thankful.

About Toxic People.

Toxic people are indeed worse than poisonous chemicals.

I once worked in a factory making battery separators.  We had to work with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, Phenol and Formalin.  We dealt with them on a day to day basis.  But none of these chemicals scared me.  I was very careful when handling them.  Sometimes I even did away with wearing protective gear.  And as a direct result, get into minor accidents but none caused me any permanent scars; physically or mentally.

There were toxic fumes when the chemicals were processed in a reactor. After that pulp paper was dipped into the chemical and then had to go through a high temperature dryer.  More toxic fumes were released into the air.

In the next process an adhesive was applied to the pulp paper.  This adhesive contained a solvent called Toluene.  Kids could get a 'high' sniffing this chemical which is also commonly used in glue for patching bicycle tires.  Then a piece of glass-mat is stuck on the pulp paper.

When the glue is dried the product is cut into smaller pieces.  During the cutting, microscopic pieces of glass fiber would fly into the air.

There you are; awful pungent smell of poisonous chemicals, corrosive fluids, and hot, dusty, itchy atmosphere.  But none of these distressed me more than the toxic being that walked on two legs.

And in the end it was his toxicity that caused me to walk away from that job.