Friday, August 28, 2009

Random thoughts 3

Everyone, it seems, no matter how high his/her station in life, has some feelings of inadequacy every now and then.  As I understand even the King of Pop himself often suffered from such low feelings.  Hence the need to find approval from among his peers and fans and the need to keep re-inventing himself.  Which was probably a good thing.  He kept giving us those great music, song and dance numbers and conscience nagging, earth shattering messages.

So to think I'm free of such feelings is to lie to myself.  But to know my own weakness and accept it is to face the truth and overcome such obstacles along the rough path of life. 

With that in mind I keep sober and get back to my drawing board.  Besides it's too early in the morning and it's been like raining since Noah's days...  I exaggerate sometimes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A leech hitched a ride.

It was a wet day.  It was equally wet on the hill-slopes.  But since I've been avoiding the soggy tracks behind the hill, I thought I was safe.  I held a long chat with an old uncle (of course lah, I'm also 'uncle', but since he's in his 70s he says I'm a young man...) while we descended.  The slight drizzle didn't bother us.  We continued with our conversation until we got into our respective cars.

About a hundred meters down the road I felt a wee nibble on my left calf.  I reached down with my hand to find out what's causing the tickling and felt something soft and slightly sticky.  I realized immediately that was a leech stuck on my skin.  Errr...

I stopped the car by the roadside, got out and put on my reading glasses to see how deeply entrenched the critter was.  I tried to brush it off.  It refused to budge.  I tried to think of something to get it to let go of its grip.  Then I thought I could burn it. 

I pressed in the cigarette lighter to switch it on.  As soon as it popped out I grabbed it and put the hot element as close to the leech as possible.  It wriggled and squirmed but it refused to let go.  I repeated the heat treatment and even touched it with the hot metal.  Same result.

I swiped at it again.  It came off but clung to my right hand instead.  I flicked my hand.  It got stuck to my right leg this time.  In desperation I kept swiping at it until it dropped off.  I couldn't see where it went.  Somewhere on the grass I guess.  Just hopefully not my any part of my legs. 

I looked at my calf for the tell-tale sign of bleeding.  There was none.  No damage there, I thought.  Well, I was wrong.  Next day, the spot got itchy.  The bugger already sank its teeth in and started to apply anti-coagulant.  Which explains why it refused to let go. 

Bl**dy sucker... 

I must remember to pack some salt and keep it in the car.  The next one's gonna get a taste of salt instead of hot metal.