Friday, August 28, 2009

Random thoughts 3

Everyone, it seems, no matter how high his/her station in life, has some feelings of inadequacy every now and then.  As I understand even the King of Pop himself often suffered from such low feelings.  Hence the need to find approval from among his peers and fans and the need to keep re-inventing himself.  Which was probably a good thing.  He kept giving us those great music, song and dance numbers and conscience nagging, earth shattering messages.

So to think I'm free of such feelings is to lie to myself.  But to know my own weakness and accept it is to face the truth and overcome such obstacles along the rough path of life. 

With that in mind I keep sober and get back to my drawing board.  Besides it's too early in the morning and it's been like raining since Noah's days...  I exaggerate sometimes.


  1. A question I sometimes ask myself is, can humans live without a sense of achievement?

    Because sometimes, it does seem as if we go out of our way to build artificial mountains just so we can scale them and proclaim victory against the odds.

    Could we be that insecure of a species?

  2. There's a difference between an achievement of an objective and the overcoming of a sense of inadequacy. When we capitulate to pressure to 'perform better than our best' then we begin to feel inadequate because at some point we begin to fail. That's when we start looking for artificial mountains.

    There are so many areas in life and various levels we can find achievements in. We need to sometimes step back and look at the lay of the land before moving on. Ignorance of your bearings and where you stand in the scheme of things will make you insecure.