Friday, November 17, 2006

Bright ideas - anyone?

We were discussing the menace of the Mat Rempits.  This colleague of mine came up with a brilliant idea to stop or curb their enthusiasm for the one wheeler show-off.  Catch the guy and take off the front wheel and tell him, "Now go home on your one wheel".....


How's that for a solution, huh?


  1. good also.. ha
    but... haiz..
    they think they are cool in the act ma. ha..
    " cool " wor... if they were in hospital... or worst.. in.. rumah mayat...
    OPS>>> dahsyatnya aku... haha

  2. is too cheap for them to replace a idea for police department to get rich, every time they get caught they have to pay fine RM1000 and put their motorbike in lockup for 1 week. second time get caught double up the fine as strong punishment....if can't pay the fine then stay in lockup for 3 weeks or do community service for 3 weeks...

  3. we can only have our wishful thinking... unless there's political will to enforce the law. instead, gamblers, vcd pedlars, and other "safe" operations get priority over other criminals... blame the rest on "inadequate man-power" while they do more paperwork and escort vips.
    meanwhile, crime index keeps going up.

  4. That was what one policeman did to a mat rempit. It was his own colleage's son, so he wasn't afraid to do it (legallly).

  5. would have been fun watching him try it for real on one wheel!!! hahaha..

  6. It is the same all over the world. In NZ the police concentrate working on speed cameras (not catching burglars) because it is an endless source of revenue for the government!

  7. the difference here is, they love going after minor traffic offenders. they're an endless source of extra income for their individual pockets...