Friday, January 8, 2010

Smell a rat with this health check?

How long does it take our health authorities to smell a rat? I mean, about a possible health scam. 4 years. That's how long. And counting.

Look at the front page report of an October 2008's theStar. And look at what my street-smart niece wrote in her blog HERE in the year 2005. And don't forget to read what her experienced uncles, friends and cousins, among them a couple of doctors had to say about it.

Meanwhile, some people have already made a pile out of putting a scare on health conscious young or middle-aged executives et al, with money to spend, and laughing all the way to the bank.

And until this day, we wonder if the ministry of health really exists...


  1. Scaring people about their life (or life savings) and to just happen to have the very thing to save it is probably the oldest trick in the buck-making book. Fear sells. Ask the insurance companies.

  2. a scam is a scam...luckily i was not taken in late last yr