Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The home I left behind

in my innocence

i imagined

a beautiful world outside

of bright lights that glitter

far into the night

a wonderous sight

filled with endless pleasure

food, drinks and leisure

until i saw the ugly shadows

lurking behind the smiles

on the faces

of those who hatch evil

in their hearts

scheming to take away

my hard-earned relief

from my toils in daily stress

with heaviness within

I yearned to return

to the home I left behind

only to find

it no longer existed

while I was away

her innocence was stolen

her young heart broken

her character defiled

her purity lost

that sweetness

gone sour

and I moved on


  1. Believe you me, it looks exactly like my friend's house in Tg. Bungah too. Does 616N Tg. Bungah ring a bell? Ohhh those were the days my friend. But it still came to an end. BTW, the old is still standing amidst some rmabutan trees.

  2. Friend, the last line has part of Tom Jones' old house... haha you swap oak tree for rambutan trees.
    616N is somewhere behind the Geok Sam Soo temple. An old friend of mine was at 616W. But he's migrated to Oz.