Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to a new assignment

Life's full of uncertainties. That's for sure. You can make all your plans.... but sometimes it's better to to be flexible.

For the next few months my paint brushes and easel are going to miss me. And that guitar too.

I was just thrown an assignment to overhaul an old Foam Panel Fabrication machine and restore it into full working condition. Given a 3 month deadline. So, gotta roll up my sleeves, put on my steel capped toe boots and prepare for some greasy days ahead.

Oh, I don't actually have to do all that back-breaking work in that hot and dusty factory floor. I can just hang around in the office and find out how fast the boys can work scraping off all that hardened old stuff and what parts need replacing when it's all cleaned up and then test run that thing on D-day.

After that, well.... let's just cross the bridge only when we come to it.

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