Sunday, January 24, 2010

Depressing things to read

I was reading this crappy piece of opinion.

Then I read some historical, political and economic analysis.

After that I read what this ice-cream seller had to say.

All are depressing things to read about and some parts even confusing to say the least.

I think the way my friend the 'paper-wrapper' thinks, makes the most sense to me. Thanks, kawan. Whatever you've got under your tudung saji, you've made all these things so simple to digest.


  1. had to wait for three different links to download before i understood yr post :)

  2. Simply put, some of our politicians are using a nice looking tudung saji to cover up a lot of rotten things and trying to stuff these things down our throats. Only some of our educated and well informed citizens know the good from the bad.

  3. As they say, nothing is forever, not even the bad. Here's to seeing something good in our lifetime!

  4. Yes, Johan. Truth is, all things move in cycles. After we've seen the darkest hour it will be dawn again. I just hope it will be soon. Meanwhile let's live with this eternal phrase in mind.

  5. Ice cream seller first posted this letter to Malaysiakini last year sometime in April and I wrote a post in response to that called "My sons, please look for greener pastures" in my blog and another one on the Brain Drain.

    You are so right re the tudung saji. Hope to see more of your writings. Artists can see far and deep into issues because of their sensitive feel to life :-).

    Take care and thanks for being a positive Malaysian. God bless you.

  6. Thanks masterwordsmith. I'll try not to run out of words. :D