Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie review - The Terminal

ReviewReviewReviewReview                   posted in on Jul 13, '05 4:43 PM

Genre: Romantic Comedy
A Steven Spielberg movie starring: Tom Hanks (of Forrest Gumm) and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Tom plays Victor, a traveller from a small nation in Bulgaria arrived in New York airport with only a few words of English, only to be told he could not enter the USA because he was now a person with no country as his home country no longer existed, meaning that his passport and paperwork were no longer valid.

As a man without a country, he had to stay in the terminal itself. After finding himself a job inside the terminal, he began to befriend the staff of the airport and also got involved with an airline flight attendant (Zeta-Jones).

His mission in New York?: You have to find out for yourself.

Classified as Comedy and Drama with running time of 2 hrs 8 mins.

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