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Book Review - Genesis II

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Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Author:Paul Adam
What would you get if you crossed an Avian Flu virus with a scientifically modified potato which is loaded with Glycoalkaloid poison contamination? People, chickens, farm animals and bees die mysteriously and suddenly from a seemingly “harmless flu” and got doctors, scientists and investigators bewildered, confused and scrambling.

What would you get when a Biotech Company growing GM (genetically modified) crops who are interested only in their bottom line and ready to cover up failures and accidents, are in cahoots with a corrupted minister of agriculture and are ready to protect their self interests at all costs? Professional people with some conscience who stand for the truth die or disappear under mysterious circumstances or get unwelcome visitors in the middle of the night.

Also consider the following observations in the story:
“A government – not just the politicians but the whole apparatus of government – that rules for the common good... For the benefit of the many….preserve and guarantee our liberties. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t believe in it. It doesn’t exist… The whole point of government is power. If we go along with it , if we don’t fight it, then yes, you could say we have a benign state. But the minute you raise an objection or question what they’re doing then their true colours emerge and they’ll try to crush you. They’re terrified of opposition, of anyone finding out what they’re up to. If we’re on to something they want kept hidden, do you think they won’t try to stop us revealing it?”

Or consider the passage with a goverment minister’s tongue-in-cheek views like, “The first rule ministerial office was ensuring you were out of range when the shit hit the fan”.

Paul Adam spins a convincing tale that reflects the current headlines with all the above intrigues thrown in. And like all current headlines this story does not end happily ever after. Too bad.

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