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Book Review - The Horse Whisperer

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Genre: Romance
Author:Nicholas Evans
Tom Booker was one with a gift of healing powers in his voice, his touch and his mannerisms which can calm wild horses and heal broken spirits.

Magazine editor Annie Graves was an aggressive, intelligent go-getter who never took “No” for an answer. When her daughter Grace MacLean became crippled and her favorite horse turned savage after a serious accident, she took it upon herself to find a solution to set their lives straight again. She sent for Tom Booker, but when he arrived in New York and saw what they’d done to the horse, he turned right around and left. When mother, daughter and horse arrived at his doorstep all the way across the continent to Montana, he was convinced he was not just healing a horse with a broken spirit but he had to deal with all three entwined lives together, into which he couldn’t avoid being personally drawn, such that eventually he found himself being drowned in it.

Nicholas Evans writes with great attention to detail for each individual character and sets each apart from the rest. He writes so well that a reader could feel the various emotions invoked by the way he narrates each scene or by the conversations of the individuals in the story. Such, I believe, is the mark of a great story teller.

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