Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Movie review - Flight Plan

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Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Jodie Foster played a young mother with a 6 year old daughter bound on a flight from Berlin to USA. It was just after the sudden death of her husband under mysterious circumstances. To add to her misfortune, she woke up mid-flight to discover her daughter missing. Incredibly, nobody believed her story as there was no record of any child passenger traveling with her. But she was no ordinary mother. She was a trained engineer specializing in aircraft design. She practically took the jumbo jet apart and risked the lives of 400 passengers just to find her daughter.

Jodie again, as in "Panic Room" gave her unequaled performance as a vulnerable yet tough woman who would go to the extremes to protect her child. I won't spoil the 'nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat' suspense of this movie for you by telling you more. Unfortunately, the movie didn't arrive in SP. Instead, SPians are still dizzily ogling at some fleshy Bollywood siren in Jacky Chan's mythical "Myth" for more than a month now. That's only my shallowest opinion of Jacky's latest effort. Don't wallop me for that OK? The publicity people didn't highlight what's in the movie itself. Only that....

For my Flight Plan, I had to make do with the VCD version. Except for the scratchy first few minutes, the rest was worth every second of it.

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