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Movie review - Corpse Bride

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Genre: Animation
Brought the whole family to Gurney Plaza's GSC but paid for only one ticket for this movie. HSBC credit card's free movies program provided 4 of the tickets. (I just had to spend RM100 on a single receipt to be eligible to enter the lucky draw.) Anyway, that's the only moive that appealed to everybody. After seating ourselves, wifey and I thought we were the oldest folks in that theatre until another couple shuffled in before the movie started. They looked like they were in their sixties. Guess that's why it's rated Universal.

Now, about the movie.

Victor Van Dort was about to be married to Victoria Everglot, whom he hasn't met before in his life. His parents agreed to the match. But he happened to meet her by chance on the day before the wedding vows. In that short moment together, they discovered some things in common. What they didn't know was Victoria Everglot's parents schemed to get her married into the Van Dort family to save themselves from the poorhouse. Unfortunately, Victor's nervouness during the rehearsal caused him to screw up his lines so badly, the priest called off the wedding until he could get his lines right. In frustration, he went into the woods for some peace and quiet moments and to rehearse his lines. While acting out his rehearsal, he hooked his wedding ring onto the roots of a tree, which turned out to be the spirit of a girl who died of a broken heart while waiting for her beau with whom she planned to elope. Meanwhile, the Everglots who found their plans running into a dead end, decided to call off the wedding as they thought their young groom has probably got cold feet.

Enter, a knave who paraded as a young rich noble proposing to marry Victoria, but actually eyeing her family fortunes, or so he thought, while the Everglots were equally hoodwinked into thinking similar thoughts of him. The masquerade ended when the truth was discovered. But the typical fairytale happily-ever-after ending was brought about by the great sacrifice made by the corpse bride who decided at the last moment to do the right thing.

To be honest, it was worth the trip and the one ticket I had to pay for. Funny, a little scary, hilarious musical comedy. Not too bad but not quite as thrilling as Chicken Run.

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