Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie review - Shall we dance?

ReviewReviewReviewMay 18, '05 3:34 PM
for everyone

Genre: Romance
For those who love dancing.

A beautiful down-to-earth story of a middle-aged guy who's got everything in life except that little spark that makes it all shine..... He enrols in a dancing class. His wife gets suspicious when he comes home each evening with more 'shine' in his face than usual. She hires a private detective to follow him and finds out what he's been doing after work.....

Richard Gere plays convincingly, the innocent husband, a successful will-writer who loves his wife and family to a fault, while Jennifer Lopez awkwardly plays the stand-by dance instructor who's dancing is of course better than her acting. There are colourful characters like the seasoned private investigator and his philosophical but clumsy assistant, the other dance learners, their dance teacher and the hero's lady dance-partner who almost made it with him into the dancing contest finals. Well, almost.


  1. This movie is adapted from the original Japanese version... being the biased me, I think the original version is more entertaining although R. Gere is one of favorite actors...

    1. Would love to have a look at the Japanese version... What's the title? Maybe find it on U Tube... Heheh... Yeah, Gere is a very convincing actor.