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Book Review - Country of the blind

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Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Author:Christopher Brookmyre
A seasoned investigative journalist Jack Parlabane, teamed up with a rookie lawyer, Nicole Carrow, when he found out one of the dead pawns in a power game was his friend. It started as a simple burglary in a Scottish country mansion. Unfortunately, the owner together with his wife and two bodyguards turned up dead as proverbial doornails, and the burglars fell into the slot as the prime suspects. The case landed on Nicole’s lap as she held the key to their innocence. The plot brewed from a power wangle between the rich and powerful millionaire who thought he owned the politicians while the politicians thought they were the chosen ones who decided who called the shots. So, burglars who were main fall guys, together with lawyers, reporters, lawmen and hit men were laid on the high profile chessboard and the game was played out, leaving a good number of dead bodies in the Scottish landscape.

Christopher Brookmyre writes with realism which includes lots of real life profanities and Scottish country mispronunciations and dialectical quirks thrown in. You’ll have to figure out the meaning of some of those jargons to make sense of the plot. There are also familiar political phrases such as “spin-doctoring” and the likes being used. What irks me about the writing style are the meandering descriptions of unnecessary details outlining the thinking processes of some of the characters.

Overall, this is a fairly good tale of political intrigues which seems all too familiar in this day and age.

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