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Movie Review - North Country

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Genre: Drama
Warner Bros. Pictures presents:
Inspired by a true story, North Country follows Josey’s journey on a road that will take her farther than she ever imagined, ultimately inspiring countless others, and leading to the nation’s first-ever class action lawsuit for sexual harassment.
Charlize Theron stars as a divorced and jobless young mother, Josey Aimes who returned to her hometown of Northern Minnesota to work in an only available job at an iron mine to support her two kids. In this male-dominated work environment, she soon discovered that her few female colleagues were constantly being sexually harassed by the male workers. She spoke to her boss about the situation. When she herself fell victim to the same treatment, she again brought up the complaint.

All this brought no action to improve the situation. Instead it worsened as word got around. She found herself fighting an uphill battle alone, as out of fear of victimization, her colleagues distanced themselves from her. Meanwhile, her teenage son became rebellious. Her dad who was an employee of the mine himself, refused to help her as he saw her as a wanton and rebellious young woman who brought shame to the family. Her only solace was her mother. Fortunately, she found a sympathetic lawyer friend who hailed from New York, and whose only reason to help her was “It was never done before”, and together they brought on a class action against the mine’s management.

The scenes of the movie switched constantly from the present courtroom drama to the past when she was fooling around in high school and to her workplace at the mines, and gradually built up to an interesting climax as each of the characters are established.

Not as highly acclaimed or as brashly dramatic as Julia Robert’s “Erin Brockovich”, but just as good.

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