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Book Review - Mind Catcher

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:John Darnton
Tyler Jessup – A teenager, who grew up with a doting father, was brought into a New York hospital in a near death trauma with a brain almost irreparably damaged, penetrated by a camming device dropped by a fumbling rock climber while on an outing in the hills with a close friend.

Scott Jessup – Tyler’s father, a professional photographer whose whole world revolves round his only son after the death of his beloved wife in a plane crash. Initially, unable to accept losing his son, he agreed to allow an experimental procedure to try to save him, only to reverse his decision later when he found mysterious messages on his computer. Messages which he knew could come only from his son and no one else.

Dr Warren Cleaver – Research scientist with no qualms about breaking the rules to achieve his ends using psychiatric patients as his guinea pigs for his experiments.

Dr Leopoldo Saramaggio – A brilliant but egoistical neurosurgeon, whose professional ethics were somewhat blurred by his dream to perform a breakthrough surgical procedure for the sake of personal glory and to earn a place in the history of medical science.

Dr Kate Willet – A promising young surgeon who became emotionally involved with the father and son throughout their traumatic nightmare.

John Darnton writes with a matter-of-fact style and a plot that moves from scene to scene smoothly, with some flash-backs to add depth to each of the characters. A compelling and convincing story.

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