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Movie Review - Mr & Mrs Smith

ReviewReviewposted in on Jul 17, '05 9:06 PM

Genre: Other
The scene: A bar/reception of a hotel in Bogota, Columbia. A lone man with a crew cut wearing dark glasses sat at a bar, drinking. Just then the front door burst open and a bunch of cops swarmed in to the place checking everyone in the vicinity. Lone man turned around and watched the goings on. Barman said someone killed a “barracuda". They’re looking for tourists traveling alone. The lone man’s hand went to his gun tucked in his waistband behind his back as he was asked by a cop if he was alone. Just then a lady walked in through the door and was accosted by the cops. Lady was asked if she was alone. Her hand went for a knife strapped to her thigh hidden under her dress. She looked towards the lone man at the bar. Both kept their hands off their weapons and walked towards each other. Man put his arm around the lady and they went into a room. Once inside the room, man closed the door and introduced himself as John Smith. Lady said she’s Jane.

A few scenes later they became Mr and Mrs Smith and were a model couple in their neighborhood. Neither knew the other was a trained assassin. Both kept the nature of their jobs from each other until one day both ended up trying to hit the same target. Eventually, both became the targets of other assassins.

Great neighborhood they live in though. After they discovered each others’ dark secrets, and sparks began to fly, only a few dropped by to ask how they’re doing in spite of the racket they raised with their fast cars and heavy artillery right until they blew up the house itself. The reasons and logic behind all that banging, slashing and fireworks was blurry and lost somewhere in that messy melee.

If you love Tomb Raiders, perhaps you’ll enjoy this one as well.

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