Thursday, December 17, 2009

When a door of opportunity closes on you, take another.

We paid a visit once to a Buddhist meditation retreat and were strolling around in the cool shade under the trees in the garden when a relative said, 'In this life, everything we own are just loaned to us while we are here on this earth. We can't take anything with us when we leave. Does it make sense then to fight so hard and play dirty to gain what we want in life?'

He should know what he was talking about. He had the potential and the qualifications to take charge of a government linked corporation, but was bypassed due to reasons he never cared to find out. He shrugged off the issue and went on to become a school teacher, a job he felt more comfortable with.

Years later and nearing the age of retirement, after he had served as headmaster at a school 60kms away from home, he had a chance to be transferred back to one in his home town. Somehow, another headmaster from the same hometown managed to get that coveted position through some connections and manipulations.

He was posted another lesser known school slightly further away. But he was rather philosophical about it and shrugged it off as another blessing in disguise.

As it turned out, that coveted position became one source of nightmare for the other fellow. Holding a Headmaster's position in a premier school is no bed of roses. The high expectations from the ministry, PTA, students et al made his life miserable.

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