Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Mango Tree is Dying... Slowly.

I once thought it's as invincible as the Highlanders. But the sad truth is, our mango tree is dying. The signs are obvious as some of its branches are drying up and falling off. Those dead branches are hollow inside. Which can mean that the whole tree is hollow inside too. I suspect the borers finally got to it.

After I got rid of another threat recently I really thought I saved my tree again. But apparently, it's not to be.

I remember getting rid of those pesky weaver ants which love to crawl all over me when I tried to pick those mangoes off the tree.

Lesson learnt. Never get rid of weaver ants completely from your mango tree. They actually protect your tree from borers and other pests.


  1. i chopped down my mango tree . it is too late once it has reached this stage. plant a new one. it will cost a bomb if u ask somebody over to chop it down for u. mine was three storeys high :(

  2. I wanted to cut it but decided to wait until the dry season is over. We still need the shade. My plan was to cut a few branches at a time into short pieces and throw them into the dumpster. If I chop the whole thing in one go, the MPSP guys will come after me for some coffee... :(

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  4. when you see roots gently saw them from the beneath and plant where ever you want to same method can be applied for the weak marcotted branches to strengthen