Monday, December 14, 2009

Training for survival

A stray bitch gave birth to a brood of 8 puppies in the bushes on top of a hill. This hill is the regular destination of health conscious old folks, business-people, professionals and students. Some animal lovers from among them would come up with food for the bitch everyday.

Soon the puppies were growing up. The lucky males got 'adopted' by some hikers. I met one such hiker and his son. The kid was lugging a bag downhill under his dad's watchful eyes.

"What's in the bag?" I asked the kid.

"It's a puppy." he said.

The pup kept very quiet in the bag. I asked the kid what he's going to name the pup. He shook his head.

"Just call him Hiker" I suggested. He nodded a yes.

I said, "That's good. Go give him a good home. It's better than letting him stay in these bushes. There are wild boars, cobras and civet cats prowling around these hills."

Animals learn by instinct. Here are some of the puppies seemingly playing with each other. They are actually training to defend themselves in case they meet up with some hostile animals turning up for dinner with dog meat on their menu.

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