Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Pain In The Neck (part 13) - The Conclusion

Diary entry: Oct 26, 2005
That was the 12th session of the chiropractic treatment yesterday. Mr. Chiro fumbled around my neck bones and declared it's very good. It did sound to me like he was the only optimistic person around. I was still in doubt whether those discs with their sides sticking out are going to go back into the gaps between the bones or not. He said it's not so much that they'd go back inside but given time, they'd shrink. He said I'll live. I thought so too but it's pain that I'm allergic to. But then on looking back, only last month I was moaning and groaning with pain each time I moved, coughed or tried to brush my teeth.

At lunch I used to have to hold a bag of ice to my neck with left hand and hold my spoon with right hand. Now, I can do all that with a lot less trouble. Without the ice-bag. Sometimes I even forget that I have a neck problem.

On a rough estimate, I'd say I'm now 75% pain free, which is a great improvement. I was told those who opted for surgery had to endure a couple of months living in a neck brace 24/7. And there are stories from some quarters, of friends having to undergo repeat operations to relief the pain of a faulty 1st operation and having to spend more money on top of the extra pain they had to endure.

I consider it a blessing in disguise I got into this condition at this time. Without treatment, my cervical section, being out of alignment would start to deteriorate and later osteophytes or bone spurs would form. Then more problems would emerge. But by then I would be in a more advanced age and any corrective chiropractic manipulation would probably not produce positive results. Worse, neurosurgeons would not be willing to commit me to surgery and put their reputation at risk.

On my next visit, which should be the last, Mr. Chiro should give me the x-ray he suggested. I'm eager to know for comparison, before and after, what shape I'm in.

I got to thinking too. In an automobile the main framework (chassis) has to be aligned and correctly balanced. Otherwise the vehicle would not run straight or it would vibrate and soon break down or the occupants would never be comfortable riding in it. So also is the framework in a tall building. Any misalignment would result in the building toppling over sooner or later. So in a human body, the alignment of the spine is most important to the posture and well-being of the person.

Enough of this boring stuff. All I want to say now is I owe a debt of gratitude to 2nd sis-in-law for recommending the chiropractor. To all the rest of you, thank you for your good wishes and your prayers and for paying attention to my updates. The rest is up to me how I take care of my neck and keep it in 'flexible working condition' by exercise and refraining from sticking it out too far or too fast. And not to drive too close to the guy in front. Otherwise if he stops suddenly I may be able to stop in time, but the whacker behind me may not be able to.

Definitely cannot afford another whiplash. This crate wasn't just born yesterday. The road to full recovery is still quite long. It may take another few months or half year. At least it's not too uncomfortable or painful.

I didn't make that X-ray that he suggested. But in order to make sure I got completely free of the pain, I did continue chiropractic treatment up to the 20th session, during which Mr Chiro casually said, 'Well.... I wouldn't mind not seeing you after this...'
I took that as his way of telling me I'm healed. I'm free to go.

My neck no longer troubles me. Oh, I do get a normal pain in the neck once in a while. But it isn't the same kind of problem. An X-ray later showed my cervical bones aligned in a perfect "C" shape.


  1. hope 2010 will be a good one for you. and yeah, every now and then, we will have people who step into our life and help us - in this case, is ur sister-in-law. what we can do is to play the same role for other people around us. :) be that guide/help in their life whenever there's a need.

  2. Thanks, Alvin. In spite of my occasional glances in my rear-view mirror, I've put all that pain and suffering behind me. This series of diary entries was transferred from my other blog to remind myself and others getting on in age to be careful with physical tasks. Our bones may not take what our hearts wish for.

    Wish you a happy new year, Alvin. And thanks for dropping by. BTW, wonder what's Damien up to these days?

  3. itis a relief to hear u r so much better now my friend. happy new year