Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving my writes

Sorry folks.  If you've noticed, I haven't been blogging much in Multiply these days.  I've moved my "writing pad" to another page in Blogspot but I'm still maintaining my simple philosophy of life: live well & keep it simple

I'll still be posting my favorite photo shots in Multiply. 

Do drop by at my new place for a chat and leave some comments.  At the moment I'm posting some write ups on an old issue.  A case history on a neck problem because I think they're of public interest, for people who may be suffering the same ailments I did.  Believe me, there are many out there who are in pain and not knowing how to handle it.  I've spoken to a few of them and I did assure them they have hope of recovering without surgery.

Don't get alarmed.  This happened in the past.  I got some relatives who went, 'Oh no!!!  Your neck problem came back?!!'  I assure you, it did not!  I'm still very healthy and happily enjoying my retirement!!!

Another reason (equally important one); Blogspot allows me to place ads on my page which I hope can earn me some pocket money while I continue my self-training on my portrait painting and water color works.  My solo art exhibition is still in the plan even though it may get delayed.  Which brings to mind the Chinese philosophy: "Don't be afraid of being slow, but be afraid of standing still".

Yes folks.  I haven't been idling.  Time does not stand still.  Life must go on.



  1. I like that Chinese philosophy..nobody likes a standing still situation

  2. Blogspot allows me to place ads on my page which I hope can earn me some pocket money"

    Clever boy

  3. good luck to your incoming exhibition~


  4. Hey! You can't just abandon your flock here.

    I cross post on blogger and multiply...

    But if you want revenues, then probably sticking to one platform is a good idea.

    We'll be seeing you there soon.

  5. yeah. it's bad for the legs... hahaha

  6. I'll place links here.
    Hey, there's all the communication tools...
    Besides, most of my flock have have grown up and flocked to megacities like Facebook, etc. So, I'm the one who feel abandoned instead. I wonder who's abandoning who... hahaha

  7. thanks for the moving address.. i've got a few who just upped and left without a word.. kinda traumatic.

  8. I learned never to burn bridges behind me. At some places, I may not like certain people but I love the place. At others I may hate the place but the people are extremely nice to me. So everything sort of balances off. One day I may need to cross the same bridge again. Who knows?