Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't drive against a wall. You never know what's behind it

I tend to agree with this other engineer because I once worked as one myself. There's such analysis tool called FMEA in which a bunch of guys (and girls) huddle together and imagine some of the worst things that can happen before you start designing something. We'd sit for hours arguing about some of the worst things that could happen while a product is in use.

I presume they hold these discussions before they design any building. But we worked on automobile parts of course, and while discussing such things we include the worst drivers and driving habits imaginable.

But who would think of letting a teenager without driving experience (maybe not even a licence) hold the steering wheel while getting the car in motion? A car in the wrong hands could become killing machine. And these days with better design and technology, they keep making cars that are more powerful which can go through walls easily.

Whatever you do, don't ever try to push start your car in a multi-storey parking lot even if you're an experience driver. You'd never know what's behind that wall.

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