Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maybe he thought he was a hero...

Another time in history he would have been an acclaimed hero. But in this century one just got to live with the times. And nobody kill tigers with bare hands anymore.

from a Reuters report:

Kang Wannian, a villager from Mengla, Yunnan Province, met the tiger in February while gathering freshwater clams in a nature reserve near China's border with Laos. He claimed to have killed it in self-defense.

The only known wild Indochinese tiger in China, photographed in 2007 at the same reserve, has not been seen since Kang's meal, the Yunnan-based newspaper Life News reported earlier this month.

The paper quoted the provincial Forestry Bureau as saying there was no evidence the tiger was the last one in China.

A local court sentenced Kang to 10 years for killing a rare animal plus two years for illegal possession of firearms, the local web portal reported. Prosecutors said Kang did not need a gun to gather clams.

Four villagers who helped Kang dismember the tiger and ate its meat were also sentenced from three to four years for "covering up and concealing criminal gains," the report said.

Kang was also fined 480,000 yuan ($70,000).

The Indochinese tiger is on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 1,000 left in the forests of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.


  1. Oh my, he ate the animal? I have never seen one myself, only pawprints and sometimes a distant 'awm' roar somewhere inside the jungle behind our old house. There was a lot of kijang and wild boar to eat those days so nobody from our estate ever got attacked.

  2. I grew up living near a jungle in Penang. But they said there were never any tigers in Penang. Japanese spies found that out before the war. That's how we knew.