Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Pain In The Neck (part 12) - Giraffes don't get whip-lash accidents

A little history before anything else. I remember mentioning somewhere about Zheng He being our great-great (ad infinitum) grand-uncle. I was wrong. Xheng He was born Ma He in Yunnan. He was captured by the imperial army as a kid and was castrated and renamed Zheng He. Ended up working in the imperial palace and found himself getting in the favor of the emperor himself because he was smart and learned fast. The rest is history.

So, the fact is, we're not related to him after all. Doesn't make any difference anyhow, does it? I remember many years ago a girl asked me how I write name in Chinese. I told her. She blurted, 'Oh, so Zheng He was your great-great grandfather....' I said no. She looked at me puzzled. I said he was a eunuch. He couldn't have any descendants. She blushed and we both laughed.

Meanwhile, let me bore you some more about my neck.

Diary entry: Oct 20, 2005
I was wondering why the wire's still entangled in there and asked the chiropractor if we could take that out, like what we do with machines, straighten it, and put it back. He said not to worry, the neck's going back into shape. He said, after the 12th or 13th session, he will take an x-ray of my neck and use that as a living proof that chiropractic works.

I still have no answer from him why it's taking so long for the pain to go away. It's a nuisance. OK, at least it's progressed to 'nuisance' level. Every time I go into a meeting, I have to tell everyone after 15 minutes, 'sorry, I have to get up and walk around. I can't sit for too long.'

Next time, I'll try a different approach. I'll ask him when I can hang up my punching bag and vent my frustrations on it!

Two more sessions to make it twelve and we'll see where I stand. (He mentioned 13, right? Looks like more to go then....). I wonder how a giraffe would make out in my situation. But then, giraffes don't get whip-lash accidents.

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