Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tough-Minded Maiden


For every love lost the maiden's heart sinks

And with each, the love-lorn maiden thinks

That life is no longer a bed of roses

No beauty that lines her beau's sweet proses

Each stanza, every careful word that she'd read

Lies scattered like a bundle of broken worn out thread

That would never rebind the promises he couldn't keep

Leaving her in solitude to moan and weep

But the maiden hangs on tight a grip in her mind

Grieves not for too long, sets out to find

The purpose of her being in this uncompromising land

Hearts that change swifter than shifting desert sand

Her strength will carry her through this world so grim

Determines to grieve not for any mortal's fancy or whim

Begone thou hollow eyed being with the sickle

I shall not give up my life for something so fickle



  1. She's one tough Iron-Maiden !
    Good one , Mr.Teh !

  2. Thanks folks...
    but I think it's too clinical and stiff. still have a long way to go in this area...

  3. Thank you for watching my back. I'm gonna print this and stick it to the wall.

  4. You're welcome. That's what friends are for. There are even bigger issues we are sticking our necks out for.
    No matter how small a part we play, even if it's just moral support, we are helping to watch the back of this chap and this chap

    My simple philosophy: If I can make someone feel better today I'd have fulfilled my obligation to live happily for another day.