Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If in doubt, ask


There are e-mails and there are forwarded e-mails.   Here's one forwarded mail that created a doubt, and my policy is; if in doubt, ask.  I did.  And here's the result of my enquiry to EPF (Employees' Provident Fund): 

This is the original mail:

 Dear All,
 Just to share with you my recent experience with EPF nomination of
 Years ago I nominated my beneficiaries but when I checked on my EPF
status  yesterday I discovered that my beneficiaries were not
registered. In fact  according to EPF records I do not have any
beneficiaries listed....blank  !!
 Subsequent enquiries showed that I am not the only one experiencing
 One possibility why this happened could be the migration of data when
EPF  upgraded their system some years ago.
 For your family's sake, suggest you clarify with EPF to ensure that
your  beneficiaries are updated.
 Better safe than sorry.......
 P/s.........does not apply to our Muslim frens cos' they are under
Syariah  laws.



This came with the attachment.


Subject: FW: EPF nominations name was gone

No wonder there are a lot of " Unclaimed " over past 10 years !
Suggest we better random check every year ....


please check your EPF norminations! EPF change new system on
31/12/2006,  guess the conversion missed out the beneficiary file.

 I went yesterday with my wife and shock to find out that both our a/cs
do  not have any beneficiary. We are very sure that we had personally
gone to  EPF office together and updated our record and now all the
records are  gone.
 Reason given by the officer was " Saya pun tidak dapat jawab lah,
munkin  sudah sampai masa kamu check sendiri".
 Two of my friends went to check after receiving my e-mail also found
the  same answer - No record.
 cc. to friends & colleagues - Strongly advise to check your EPF





I wrote to EPF asking for clarification.


From:  (Me)
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:28 AM
To: Enquiry@Jab Pentadbiran
Subject: FW: EPF nominations name was gone

Dear Sir/Mdm,


I have been receiving many messages as per below example.  Kindly explain if this situation is true or not.  I am worried.

I would like to check my status online.  When will that feature be ready?


Thanks for your attention.






And this is the reply from EPF


Dear Mr Teh,


Thank you for your mail.


We noticed that many of this mails have been spreading through.  However,  if  nomination has been registered it will not be lost in record.  Herewith, I am attaching our press release on nomination issue.  Hope you can also help us to forward it to the  sender for his better understanding.  In a way, curbing the spread of this untrue news.


Hope you get a clearer understanding after this.


Thank you and have a good day.







with this attachment (word for word):




Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) ingin menjelaskan bahawa penamaan yang telah dibuat oleh ahli terhadap simpanan mereka masih ada dalam rekod KWSP.


Penjelasan ini dibuat berikutan timbul kekeliruan apabila ahli menyemak status penamaan mereka di kaunter KWSP atau melalui penyata kira-kira yang diperolehi pada tahun ini dan mendapati tiada rekod penamaan yang dicatatkan.


Untuk makluman ahli, setakat ini hanya 2.2 juta ahli telah didaftarkan penamaan yang mereka buat ke dalam sistem komputer baru KWSP. Manakala lebih kurang 2 juta penamaan lagi daripada ahli masih belum direkodkan ke dalam sistem tersebut.


KWSP sedang mengambil tindakan untuk mengemaskini rekod penamaan ahli ini ke dalam sistem komputer di bawah projek khas yang dijangka akan  diselesaikan dalam bulan September 2007.


Di bawah sistem baru ini, borang penamaan akan disimpan dalam bentuk imej dan butiran penama juga akan dikuncimasuk ke dalam sistem. Dengan cara ini semakan terhadap penamaan ahli boleh dibuat secara online.


Ini merupakan proses penambahbaikan yang dilaksanakan KWSP kerana di bawah sistem lama hanya status penamaan (ada/tidak) dimasukkan ke dalam sistem komputer sedangkan butiran terperinci mengenai penama disimpan secara manual.


Oleh itu, ahli diminta supaya tidak bimbang kerana penamaan mereka yang telah dibuat sebelum ini adalah masih sah dan rekod tersebut selamat dalam simpanan KWSP.




Pengurus Kanan

Perhubungan Awam

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja


Tarikh: 12 Februari 2007


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