Friday, April 20, 2007

Machap & Ijok - "Buy Elections".

Before this, how many Malaysians ever heard about these two towns?  They might as well be in Timbuktu.

Maybe that's what they'd call dark benefits. Some MP dies and the re-election campaign brings blessings like new roads, community halls, street lights, and promises of development the likes of which they seldom see if the bl**dy guy was still alive. More or less like getting an inheritance from a miserly rich dad who's just cashed in!!!

It gets boring but it's great for town folks who live here.  For once they see some celebrations and progress.  Maybe after this voting exercise, they go back to being the sleepy hollows as usual.  Promises?  What promises?

Here are several other peoples' opinions

Enough said.


  1. hahaha...exactly!!
    Machap is in Melaka
    Ijok is somewhere in Selangor
    That's all I know...