Monday, April 16, 2007


Next time someone in your house buys a PC, don't let him throw out those PE foam protective inserts. Turn them into useful objects. Here's one example. A tooth-brush holder. Just cut vertical slots that can fit your toothbrushes. Cut the slots smaller than your brush handle so that they can hold the brush firmly. Apply some contact glue on your painted or tiled wall and also the flat side of your tooth-brush holder and stick it on after the glue is properly dry. I wouldn't recommend double-sided tape. The PE material doesn't stick well with tape.



  1. folks , please keep our earth green ...
    Please Recycle...

  2. Nope don't think wifey will ever agree and furthermore a mug (we have one too many) is more practical la

  3. Good Idea...if you can put a cover on the brush is much better.