Monday, April 16, 2007

These shoes are made for walking...








I've worn lots of shoes and I've worn out lots of them too. Those I haven't worn out were ones that looked good but hurt my feet or get pebbles in them everytime I walk over unpaved or pot-holed roads. Their mouths are too open.

After walking many miles in these, I can declare they are best pair of walking shoes I ever put my feet in. And at RM39.99, they're a steal. Who needs shoes that cost half a fortune?

If any shoe designer from Bata is reading this, please note; don't shelf this design yet. Make more. They're light-weight, no zips, velcro or shoe-laces to fiddle with. Just slip on and you're ready to go. And besides, you won't get pebbles sticking to the soles and they're easy to clean. Good for lazy blokes…like me.

Honey, shall we go one more round?



  1. RM39.99 not too expensive if a pair of good shoe can protect your feet.... it worth every penny you spent for it...

  2. I consider them very cheap because I know of guys wearing RM250 sports shoes to work - in the ware-house!.

  3. Haha, I love this blog entry of yours, Teh! Turns out we share the same passion for walking.

    I used to work in Makati, Manila's business capital and for appearances' sake (my values were screwed then, haha!), I'd wear even killer 2-and-a-half inch heels. Now that I'm a freelance writer and my life's undergone a lot of changes, I find myself wearing more mostly flipflops (it's summer here so it's also right for the weather) especially when I go walking around the metro just for my own pleasure (at times when I have no "official" business or errands to attend to).

    I can truly understand your love for these walking shoes, so I hope the makers keep producing this model and you can stock up on them! ;)

  4. I don't think I can stock them for too long. I've known of shoes falling apart after a couple of years even if you don't wear them.