Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random thoughts5

Work Antics...

They called a meeting. I was about as alert as a log being shoved uphill. I said the Nescafe didn't seem to kick hard me enough. Someone recommended Cappuccino. Another volunteered a localized version. He called it Kopicina...

So, while they discussed issues which didn't directly involved me, I scribbled random notes to stay awake and look busy. Any casual observer will think I'm busy taking the minutes. Appearances are most vital, right?


There was a new project called New Analog Platform. Dubbed NAP for short. It was taking a long time for the line to materialize.

Hence, when passers-by asked, "How's the NAP?"

The response was; "Sssshhh".


Another complaint was; it's ridiculous that while it takes only 2 days to build a sample, it takes a whole week to deliver it to a customer.

"No. It's not." I declared. Everybody stared at me.

"Well, it takes only a few minutes to make a baby, but nine months to deliver it!"


Football solution:

The quarrel was about a troublesome Final Test equipment that couldn't fulfill it's requirements. While suggestions were bandied around, a football fan piped up: "How's about a semi-final test?"



  1. haha....somebody might as well build another tester to test the tester :P

  2. For those who don't read Malay, "Kopicina" = Chinese coffee...