Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hidden Messages

It’s evident I’m not
the only blogger trying to read between the
looking for something that editors wouldn't risk their paychecks to put into print.
Here’s someone else
looking for hidden
in the front page of Star. None other than the No.1 blogger himself. And he thinks it's more than just humour that's on the editor's mind.


  1. i didn't get it.. what's with the "o" and the guy's head?

  2. I'm not sure either. But I take it he means someone's head is still fixed (as in head-strong) in the mindset that the economy is still strong (after the stock-market nose-dived) and then you're supposed to look at the baby elephant with its skin and bones, which tells a different picture...

  3. the headline is for the news on the right, but the head (circled) is out of the box like the pic is for the headline~

    but i still don't get humour

  4. Think about the economy: read 'strong', look at the head, then look at the baby elephant's ribs sticking out... now combine that image into one sentence. Don't get boxed in by the box...

  5. also read Bernard Shaw's (Political writing) as hinted by screenshots:

    "Shaw maintained that each social class worked to serve its own ends, and that those in the upper echelons had won the struggle. He believed the working class had failed to promote its interests effectively, which made him highly critical of the democratic system of his time. Shaw's writing, as evinced in plays like Major Barbara and Pygmalion ('My Fair Lady'), has class struggle as an underlying theme."

    The major news vendors struck up the 'orchestra' to play up the tune. Even Pak Lah told the people to go into the share market to keep it up... But when the stock market plunged after CNY, the small time players suffered, while the upper levels remained unscathed. The questions Jeff and other political bloggers keep asking is 'How strong really, is our economy?'

  6. so with all the sarcasm about the emaciated elephant and pretense of strength, it somehow alludes to the government as a "white elephant" - a supposedly valuable possession whose upkeep exceeds its usefulness, and it is therefore a liability?

  7. I suppose so.
    Somehow the blogger's aim of 'thinking aloud' from it's readers works pretty well...

  8. mm...i feel like i'm reading 'da vinci code'...see a thing in another perspective..

  9. That's probably what authors like Dan Brown hope to achieve; get readers to look into details and think. Not to accept anything at face value. Unlike what non-democratic govts try to achieve.

  10. And today the Da Vinci Code has become da_benci_kut!!!

  11. And today the Da Vinci Code has become da_benci_kut!!!

  12. When a nation's mind can't be voiced out openly without risk of persecution, this is the only resort; insinuations and facts thinly veiled in humor...
    Then we can hope for the occasion when every now and then someone opens a can of worms