Monday, March 26, 2007

Workplace misadventures

A colleague has been having problems with his keyboard. The letters L and K kept getting missing and he had to bang on those keys quite hard to get them to show up on the screen. This morning he poured half a cup of coffee on it. (It was an accident lah...) The rest went to the floor.

I was waiting for my PC to come awake when I noticed a few spots of brownish liquid on my desk and smelt the nice aroma of (Capucino? Nescafe? Old Town? ...whatever..) and I peeked over the cubicle wall and asked, "Have you been stirring your coffee?"

He said' "Yes. But no chance to drink it."

"Not too vigorously, OK? Just use tea-spoon provided, not an oar."

He grinned.

He had the presence of mind to unplug the keyboard and blew it dry with an airgun. (If at home, use your vacuum cleaner. Plug the tube to the blow outlet).

And presto! His keyboard now works fine. No more banging on the L and K keys!!! Evidently all it needs is a shot of caffeine to get it going....

His workmate who shares the cubicle with him has the same problem with his keyboard. (Brand name withheld to prevent any unwelcomed lawsuits against this blogger)

I said, "Now you know the solution?"



  1. LOL... sometimes things just work in funny funny ways....

  2. hey, i have problems with my keyboard too...i used to bang it too..haha..
    and since i formatted my pc end of last year, many symbols got their places switched, but @ and " are the major prob when i wanna type email add..

  3. Hahaha!! I did that to my keyboard once (and mac keyboards cost $100 @_@) and it got fried. I put up with it until someone finally vomited on it and that was that. I suppose if someone vomited on your pal's keyboard, he'd also chuck it even if it works fine. LOL!

  4. What if the cat peed on it ???
    I had to throw out mine ....

  5. I assume that the coffee washed out the dirt from the contacts to enable the key to function normally, but that's probably a pretty old keyboard. Nowadays they are designed in such a way that drinks don't short them out. Anyway, if it's piss or vomit, and if I can't get rid of the stink by flushing with water, I'd scrap it and get a new one. An LG only cost RM18 around here and it's good enough.