Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ante up, buster

At last he sold this old jalopy to an antique collector for
one thousand RM.

This piece of scrap has been taking up space right across
from my main gate for years. Then this
morning at about the darkest hour before dawn someone drove his car into the
headlamp and pushed the whole heap of junk back 2 meters. The noise jolted me from my dreams and I
heard the sound of a Nissan engine driving off after a slight hesitation. He opined that the driver could have been
drunk. Talk about a rude awakening.

He called the buyer and told him. That cost him a reduction of RM100.

But I guess some folks don’t care much. The space in front of their main gate happens
to be a vulnerable spot. This was the 3rd
time someone drove their vehicle into one of their cars. The first one happened some years ago when
they first moved in. A new driver took
the corner that turned into our lane a little too fast, veered to the opposite
side and grated both doors of one of their Iswara sedans. The young driver’s parents paid for the

A year ago one of my kids reversed our hatchback smack right
into the same sedan’s front door and fender.
It blew a 200 buck hole in my wallet after the repairs and paint job. Fortunately our rear bumper was made of tough
material. I only needed to scrape off
the other car’s paint from a corner that made contact.

So they probably think someone else being always at fault,
it doesn’t matter. But fate seems to have
caught up with them.

Ante up, buster. And
good riddance to that piece of eye-sore.


  1. Was that even worth one thousand ringgit?

  2. Well....That's what he told me. I wouldn't believe it either. The guy's well known spinner of the neighborhood. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. wait a minute..not yet...I'll believe it only when that thing totally disappears...

  4. oh..i thought it's already gone...keeping fingers crossed..

  5. -the guilt is here-

    1k for that cacated beetle~ is far too good, faster take it away before another chance of price reduction.

  6. looks like my prediction comes too true....
    the old *&^%$ eyesore is still there.

    what would happen if our MPSPK is not sleeping on the job?
    the bugger will have to pay a few hundred bucks just to have it towed away.
    this is not the little Red Dot country.
    just too bad...