Thursday, March 22, 2007

You won't get two lives

A colleague volunteered to give me a lesson in life. Pretty simple philosophy. He said (in Teochew dialect): "Peh si bo nor tiau mia". Translated, it means - even if you struggle (fight, work, scheme, slave) yourself to death, you won't get two lives. This is one and the only one you'll get. So don't push your luck too far. If something can be achieved it can be achieved. If not, just leave it. Don't push your titanium square peg into a titanium round hole. You'll hurt not only yourself, but also the ones nearest and dearest to you. And don't fight with anybody over petty things.

As I think of this, I'm reminded of those who keep dreaming of making it big (rich) by gambling. Then running out of cash and luck they go for Ah Longs' help. They get trapped in that ever widening and deepening whirlpool.

Just make the best of what you can do in whatever situation you are, go for it, and give it your best shot. So simple lah.

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  1. And it's actually not limited to ONLY gambling, it applies to ALL the get-rich-scheme on the market nowadays, let it be MLM, Direct Selling, Gold Coins, tikam-tikam and etc...