Thursday, December 28, 2006

With No Regrets


I kept hitting the lid in jump after jump after jump

Like a flea trained in a jar

I found I amounted to nothing

I was convinced I couldn't get far

I stared at my own glass ceiling 

And thought I'd never get over that bar


The sky was only a distant round hole

At the top of my well

My world stretched from my feet

To the roof of my coconut shell

There was no point to try harder

As I knew I'd be sure as hell

Wouldn't' grow taller than my grandfather


I struggled to spread my wings

Knowing first I had to get on my feet

I found the courage to try something else

While my dreams remained in the backseat

Overtaken by the cares of making a living

Making sure the kids have enough to eat

And have a decent education


But I wasn't satisfied


Until I could make something of myself

I didn't care to look in the mirror

At the stranger who didn't reflect me

And say to the lonely loser

Be what you wanted to be

The weary and worn-out looking mask

That's not the face I wanted to see


I wanted to see a face reflecting the light

I longed to see a face full of cheer

I imagined an image full of confidence

Not a shadow cowering in fear


But now


Knowing I've done only what was right

And having everything I hold dear

I've harnessed all that I came with

Not comparing myself with any peer

Still plodding on through this road of life

And got this far with a conscience so clear


And above all

With no regrets


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