Sunday, December 31, 2006

Something's wrong here?

In Yesterday's Star,
"Like this correct meh?" My daughter asked me. I took a look and I saw this:

A reader sent in this photo of a "good Samaritan" hosing down some burning electrical cables on a TNB pole. The caption further said there should be more good Samaritans like this guy. But I say, that's a foolhardy thing to do. What little I know about electricity, it can even jump through air if two cables are put close enough end to end and if one of them is live and the other neutral. It can travel through water even much faster than you can say "whoosh!". Those look like live cables to me (of course that explains the sparks).  And I wouldn't want to be that guy standing up there on a roof of a car shooting water at those sparks. The editor should have got someone with knowledge of fighting these kind of fires go through the write-up before he puts this up for the public to read. Wrong information can be dangerous.

But then again, even my teenager knows it's wrong action...


  1. This show's how ignorant the public, including the "good samaritan" and the editor can be.

    You should write in to the editor to point the mistake out.

  2. Yikes, the picture captioned "quick thinking Samaritan" -- I guess he thought too quickly and never thought about the consequences...