Sunday, December 24, 2006

Morning in the cool north wind


Cool winds from the north

Bearing signs that the dry season is coming along

Taking away the grayness that threaten

More devastating floods to the east coast and south

Here the sun peeked from behind scanty clouds

While a little girl skipped along a path

Through an empty field of grass and little flowers

Tagging little brother by the hand

Dribbling a stray football

Left behind by yesterday’s boys

Having fun

I wanted very much to reach for my camera

To capture the rhapsodic moment

But felt unwilling to break the spontaneous enjoyment

That the little girl was having

While the little brother cast cautious looks at us

As if half expecting someone to stop them

From enjoying their little game

We smiled at them and moved on

Avoiding crossing their path

While the scene became engraved

In my mind


  1. I was never good at poetry but I love your sketches!

  2. Thanks. More often than not, my sketching hand came in handy. I remember once my ex-boss called, "Teh, can I borrow your right hand for a minute?" when he needed to explain how a mechanical part looked like to an overseas counterpart. Although I may never get rich from it, I always felt blessed to be equipped with this skill.

  3. the sentiment of the poety is as good as the movement in the sketch

  4. Thanks, jeniong. Nothing works so well as an inspiration in the cool breeze of the morning.

  5. nice sketch! could almost feel the breeze hehe

  6. thanks. Actually I wanted to improve on it & to fill in the maroon color of her blouse, but was afraid to spoil the spontaneous (again) rhythm and flow, so I left it unfinished...