Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Saw No Dog!!!


When he was a kid, brother-in-law KK used to go to school early during the fruit season. Why? Next to the school was an orchard. Inside the fenced-up orchard there were some rambutan trees. There was also a sign saying, "Beware of Dog". But each morning, KK and his friends would usually end up with a load of rambutans in their schoolbags.

One day the Headmaster, who got the message about the boys raiding the orchard, hauled up the suspects and went through their schoolbags. He found nothing. He then gave them a lecture about entering other peoples' property, about stealing and about danger of being bitten by dogs. Suddenly, he pointed his cane at KK and asked, "KK, didn't you see that sign which says, Beware of Dog?"

Caught by surprise, KK said, "I saw no dog!" That gave the game away. If he could tell there was no dog, then he'd been over the fence! The Headmaster had his day and KK had a burning butt for the rest of the day.

For the rest of the school term they nicknamed him, "I-saw-no-dog".

PS:  thanks for your story, brother KK.  next time we'll stay longer for more of your tales.


  1. ask your dad about someone called 'I-saw-no-dog"....he'll have a good laugh!!!

  2. Yea, tomorrow night (30th Dec) will have another new story waiting for you, in case you'll attend 3rd auntie's house warming (he can't wait to tell you, in fact, he said "bu jian bu san"). else you might need to wait till next time lor... which will be Ah Mah's b'day...